apartment or homeland


With the current strong real estate market, if you have a capital of 1-2 billion, should you buy an apartment or real estate? Which option is most optimal? In fact, to make the right decision depends on many factors. The most important of which is the budget and the needs of the owner.

In the article below, Propertyhub Vietnam will analyze the advantages and disadvantages when choosing these two types of housing for you to refer to before making a decision.


Buying a house and real estate means using existing capital to invest in buying land and building a house. This is a plan which is supposed to be safe and secure. However, many people think in the other direction. So buying land to build a house will have advantages and disadvantages like?

Advantages when buying homeland

If you have a certain amount of capital from 1 to 2 billion VND but are wondering whether to buy a house or an apartment. You can evaluate the advantages of the land purchase plan as follows:

– When choosing to buy land, ensure that you will have full rights to use the purchased area and be granted a legal land use license. Holding the red book in hand will help you feel more secure because it is definitely yours.

– The idea of ​​building a house will be decided by you. This will help you feel happier because, after the efforts, you can finally build a home for yourself and your family as a dream.

– After the house is completed, there will not be any additional costs such as parking, security, cleaning, elevator, trash, …

– The excess land can be used to create a garden, grow vegetables, make a play area for the kids in the family, build swimming pools, …

– With your own house, you will not be bothered by neighbours, children like living in an apartment.

Simulation image of townhouses

Regardless of the amount of capital, you will be able to buy a house and land according to your needs. The area of ​​land will depend on the finances that the accident can afford. However, many people still wonder if there is 1 billion, should it be more convenient to buy a house or an apartment? Over time, the real estate market has a lot of changes. Most real estate prices have increased based on the directions or projects planned in the area. Therefore, depending on where you choose to buy land, you can answer the above question.

Disadvantages when buying homeland

The purchase of real estate will ensure certainty, but there are also many disadvantages arising.

– Expensive cost is the first problem if you plan to buy real estate, especially in the city centre, land frontage, land in a certain project, … So it depends on the economy, the demand, the available capital to consider whether to choose to buy real estate or not.

– For the same amount of money, if you buy a house far from the centre to ensure payment, the types of services and life cannot be developed, buying an apartment at an expensive location in that area. Therefore, many people are hesitant to buy an apartment or suburban land.

– Also, not only the cost of buying land but you also have to consider the amount of money to build a new house.

– Commuting takes a long time to move, prone to cancer during rush hour.

– Some places lack comfort systems or unsecured security.

The surrounding residential community is diverse, with many components, with little differentiation.

In fact, in Hanoi, if you have a capital of less than 2 billion, you can only invest in buying real estate with an area of ​​about 40 – 50 m2 and it will be located far from the centre of the capital. You can choose to buy real estate in areas such as Thanh Xuan, My Dinh, Cau Giay, … Or if you choose Ha Dong, Gia Lam, you can buy a piece of land with a larger area.


Condominiums are now one of the trends in modern, fully-furnished housing at affordable prices for people if they want to choose to build a home in a busy location or the city centre.

One of the major projects is about to be implemented in HCMC

Buying an apartment in a fully-equipped place will support people in many life issues. However, due to their living habits and fear of property devaluation. Many people wonder whether to buy an apartment or a house.

To help homeowners make the best decision for a home in the future, and to know if they should buy real estate or an apartment, please refer to the pros and cons when choosing one. Apartments below:

Advantages when choosing to buy an apartment

An apartment is a system of separate apartments built in the same building. With all amenities for family living, aisle, elevator, car park, … In this case, choosing to buy a built-in apartment will have the following advantages:

– Households living in the apartment building can use all entertainment facilities, collective activities built by the investor such as swimming pools, dormitory rooms, children’s play areas, …

Normally, the apartments are located close to the city centre, with a full range of services to meet the daily needs of people.

– Convenient transportation, near places such as hospitals, supermarkets, … Many apartment complexes also have mini mart services right below the whole house to make it convenient for people to shop for necessary things.

– Moving into the apartment building to the floors can use stairs or elevators. Furthermore, the apartments close to each other will create intimacy, interacting every day to create a close relationship with everyone around instead of living separately in a separate, separate house as compared to choice. buy real estate.

– All modern apartments today are equipped with security forces, keep viewing and installing camera systems to ensure security for residents.

– If you want your home to have an overhead view, you can choose to buy an apartment on the upper floors because most apartments are designed and built with many floors. Therefore, apartment space will become more spacious and airy. Also, the general management and regulation system is responsible for ensuring that people live without conflict in the community.

– Attractive policies from investors to support people when choosing to buy an apartment. In case customers cannot afford the full payment at one time, developers of many condominiums can agree to pay by linking support from banks in the form of low-interest instalments. Because of this, many families with a small amount of capital often choose to buy an apartment to ensure instalment payments each month.

What about the downside of owning an apartment?

In addition to the above advantages, buying an apartment also has the following disadvantages:

Utilities around amenities meet all needs

– If you aren’t satisfied with any design, the design or modification requires the approval of the apartment management.

– Strict security control of the entire apartment complex sometimes causes many inconveniences in terms of time and regulations.

– Vehicles circulating and kept in the basement a lot, easily leading to rubbing and damage.

– In some apartments, the soundproofing system is not good, causing noise and affecting neighbouring houses. Some apartments can see the other house from the balcony, affecting the private life of each family.

– People living in the apartment building must pay a monthly living fee including cleaning services, maintenance, equipment repair, management fees, …

– Many people think about whether to buy an alley house or an apartment? Condominiums are often built with a wide path to ensure that cars can pass. But if you buy houses in the alley, it will be inconvenient to move cars and parking spaces. Also, if you come home from work late at night, there will be many dangers.

Also, apartment prices rise very slowly and once used, resale usually costs less than they originally were. Therefore, compared to buying real estate, the resale of an apartment is more likely to suffer a capital loss.


Although the question of whether to live in an apartment or buy real estate is an age-old issue, it never stops hot. Housing demand per person is increasing day by the hour, real estate market prices fluctuate every hour. Therefore, deciding to stay in an apartment or real estate always makes many people have a headache.

According to industry experts, to make the right decision, not to regret later, future homeowners can consider the two most important criteria below before making a choice.

Home economics

Deciding whether to buy an apartment or real estate depends much on current economic conditions, income and the wishes of each family.

An imposing panorama in a lavish city

There are many plans offered at present with cases of uncertain whether to invest in buying real estate or choosing an apartment with existing capital. You need to have careful consideration to ensure that you can pay for your family’s present and future life after choosing to buy a house or apartment.

Personal needs

Not only economic factors but also the desire of each person also partly determines whether to live in an apartment or real estate. Her grandparents have a saying “settling down with karma”. Each person needs to be at peace with their home before coming to build a career. Therefore, many people still want to have a private house, a home as desired. so even if the initial capital is high, they want to spend money to buy land to build a house.

However, many people prefer modern and comfortable life without having to spend too much effort “ploughing” to make money, then choose to buy an apartment. However, if you choose to buy an apartment, you need to consider many factors. The ability to pay the living expenses each month. Many high-end apartments have to pay quite high taxes each month, perhaps by renting a room for low-income people.

Based on the above specific analysis and knowledge as well as real market research in the place you want to live. You can decide whether to buy an apartment or real estate. Each different form of housing will bring its own advantages and disadvantages. You can follow it to consider and make the most realistic and positive choice. If you still have some doubts, write down specific criteria, sorted by priority, you will surely see the best option.