The number of people living in Ho Chi Minh City is constantly increasing each year. Along with the increasing demand for a room for rent Ho Chi Minh city, real estate consulting services are coming together. So, how to rent a room in Saigon at a reasonable price, please have a look at the following article.

1. The demand for renting a room in HCM City

1.1. The average price is consistent with the income of many people

Vietnam’s per capita income is changing day by day, so the influence of room rental spending on the majority of Vietnamese people is a top priority. Depending on income, demand, and number of people, each person will have the smartest and most affordable housing options.

rent a room in ho chi minh
The demand for room for rent Ho Chi Minh city is increasing

1.2. Need short-term rental apartments

With today’s dynamic and modern life, moving to many places to meet business needs is very familiar to many people. Although choosing apartments for rent in a short time but enough to give customers space to live close, comfortable and true to their preferences.

rent a room in ho chi minh city
There is a wide range of options for rental rooms in Ho Chi Minh city

1.3. Located in a safe, secure residential area

There are a lot of rooms for rent in Ho Chi Minh City built on new apartments or safe protected residential areas. Because one of the biggest threats of tenants is security. These are ideal places for families or people living alone.

1.4. Fully-equipped

room for rent in ho chi minh city
The high-class rooms are arranged with full amenities to meet the needs of tenants

room for rent in saigon
The high-class rooms are arranged with full amenities to meet the needs of tenants

Many of the rooms for rent Ho Chi Minh city, the type of apartment building today, are fully invested with facilities such as an outdoor pool, a gym or convenience stores to meet the needs of people. here.

2. Types of apartments for rent

  • 1 bedroom: Approximately 50m2 suitable for people living alone or a couple.
  • 2 bedrooms: Suitable for families living with an area of ​​about 70m2.
  • 3 bedrooms: Area up to 100m2 with full kitchen and living room.
  • 4 bedrooms: With an area of ​​more than 150m2, the apartments are suitable for families.

Room for rent in Saigon is very diverse, suitable for many different needs of each target group.

3. Apartment facilities

Interior: Fully furnished from air conditioning, washing machine, TV, private bathroom, sofa, dining table.

Security: 24/7 camera system and protection

Parking: Basement parking system is large and safe

Utilities: Owning a prime location near schools, hospitals, shopping centers

room for rent for expats
A fully-furnished room for rent Ho Chi Minh

At Property Hub, the apartments are concentrated mainly in the central area of ​​District 2 and Binh Thanh District.

For apartments in District 2, you will easily access to shopping centers such as Vincom, Cantavil or Estella or AIS school just less than 10 minutes by car.

rental room in ho chi minh city
It is easy to travel from these apartments to other places in the city since they’re located in the central

For apartments in Binh Thanh, it only takes 5 minutes to reach the center of District 1, as well as the main roads. Also close to nearby hospitals such as Vinmec International General Hospital on the same route.

4. Types of fees

4.1. Include

  • Facility fee & management
  • Parking fee at room for rent in Ho Chi Minh city is relatively cheap because you will register for parking on a monthly basis.
  • Housekeeping service
  • Internet, water, cable television

4.2. Exclude

  • Electricity fee
  • Taxes
  • Laundry

5. Apartments with rooms for rent at Property Hub

5.1. Vinhomes Central Park

Located in the heart of the city, very convenient for travel, an official from 1 to 4 bedrooms with full amenities suitable for many different groups of subjects.

rental room in ho chi minh
Overview of Vinhomes Central Park

room for rent in hcm
Vinhomes Central Park

5.2. Vinhomes Golden River

As a complex of offices, villas and luxury apartments, Vinhomes Golden River has beautiful river views.

room for rent in hcm city
The location next to the river offers beautiful views

room for rent in hcm
Vinhomes Golden River

5.3. Estella Heights

Located in a prime location of District 2, less than 15 minutes from the city center, Estella Heights is considered a resort paradise with elegant living space.

rent a room ho chi minh city
The project Estella Heights continues the success of The Estella
rent a room ho chi minh
Estella Heights

5.4. Gateway Thao Dien

The apartments are luxuriously designed with fully furnished and furnished, close to the city center as well as large commercial centers and schools.

rent a room in sai gon
Featured projects in District 2

rent a room ho chi minh city
Gateway Thao Dien

5.5. Sala urban area

Only 5 minutes away from District 1, Sala urban area is a high-class apartment area that is attracting attention. With a variety of apartments with restaurants, convenience stores, and cafes around. Residents can easily enjoy all services without having to travel far.

rent a room ho chi minh
The large urban area of ​​Sala

A rental room in Sala

5.6. An Phu Masteri

Located right on the Hanoi Highway, Masteri An Phu is connected to the Metro line being built. Built with green space along with children’s play area, swimming pool, gym or park will meet the needs of relaxation and relaxation of people living.

rent a room ho chi minh city
Separate living space and clean green brings a sense of relaxation and comfort

If you are looking for a room for rent Ho Chi Minh with a comfortable living space, full amenities, and security, you can refer to the apartments mentioned above.

Check out Property Hub Vietnam – a real estate agency specializing in apartment renting and selling services. We are happy to help you find your best room for rent in Ho Chi Minh city.