Property Investment

By 2020, the real estate market as well many other industries will be heavily affected by the COVID-19 epidemic and face many difficulties and challenges.
However, this is an opportunity to screen surfing retail investors; At the same time, it requires investors to have a clear long-term strategy.
If in the past, a lot of people participated in real estate investment following the movement and the “surfing” trend, now caution is the number one factor in investment in this sensitive capital market…
Currently, about a third of investors are no longer attracted to surfing speculation. Many investors accept reduced profits to push goods faster during the season; even losses to recover capital.
Despite the difficulties, real estate prices have not decreased. It shows that real estate still has good resistance to market fluctuations and is concerned by investors. Although real estate is being evaluated as a wise choice for investors in difficult times, experts say that investors should not raise high expectations of high returns in the short term, but need to define their first long-term investment to ensure safety.
Property Hub Vietnam’s professional and knowledgeable team of consultants are always ready to advise investors based on market analysis, financial analysis and cash flow of customers to make correct and effective investment decisions.